Chilled Butter Features.

We focus on independent providers and businesses with one or more service providers. Our ever-growing list of features are carefully designed to handle your needs.

Chilled Butter is an actively developed platform that is consistently adding new features to make scheduling and communication easier for small business and small team environments.  We prioritize what’s being worked on by our customer base.  This isn’t an “everything under the sun,” platform, this is specific to the business types we work with.  Often, a short exchange will be enough for us to objectively tell you whether this is a good fit for you.

Chilled Butter Features

Client Management

Having an understanding of your clients is the foundation of your success. We help make it easy to keep track of everything you care about.

Integrations; Chilled Butter Features


Maximize your Chilled Butter with these powerful integrations that make running your business even easier.

Chilled Butter Features

Online Booking

A stand-alone booking link, an embedded widget for your existing website, or the ability to connect directly with your Google Business.


Empirical data is fantastic when you're able to understand it. Learn how we handle giving you access to what's not only important to you, but introduce you to key metrics that may have been overlooked.


Intuitive schedule management features, supporting typical week-in, week-out providers and services, but just as in-tune with non-standard schedules. Perfect for guest staff, custom service schedules and more.

Staff Management

Powerful Staff Management, allowing unique permissions for your managers, support staff and providers. Give the access that you want, restrict what you don’t.

We make it an easy transition.

Complimentary Onboarding

After signing up, you’re assigned a dedicated onboarding specialist that will work with you in a manner that make’s sense.  Your first rodeo?  We’ll take you the full ride.  Do-it-yourselfer? We’ll be there on the sidelines.

Platform Migration

Coming from another solution?  We’ll help bring all of your existing staff, schedule, appointment and customer data to its new home on Chilled Butter.

Over a decade in business and a dozen different appointment applications, Chilled Butter has done exactly what it promised to. It's essential in keeping each of our locations, permanent staff, and our support staff on the same page.

Marco, The Honorable Society, LA