Build 1.0.42

Booking Widget Design, Enhanced Payment Logging, Virtual Appointments and Performance Improvements

Build 1.0.42 was a largely feature based release, focusing on the improvement of existing functionality with minor feature introductions.

New Features & Feature Updates

  • Booking Widget
    • Updated Design The standalone booking widget was rebuilt with a more modern design. This was the first step in preparing the widget for customization and embedding.
    • SLUG Links Direct links were implemented for users utilizing the standalone booking widget, allowing location, service or provider selection to be directly linked via the URL.
  • Virtual Appointment
    • Service Type A virtual appointment type was added, allowing the creation of meeting rooms which allow for video conferencing and screen-sharing.
  • Appointment Completion
    • Enhanced Payment Logging The appointment closure interface was updated, allowing for a breakdown of multiple payment types and payment purposes to be logged with an associated appointment. Transaction report types have been updated to a support detailed line items reflecting this new data type.
  • URL Shortener
    • The domain has been implemented as, allowing for reduced character utilization, helping reduce SMS related waste.

Bug Fixes

  • Booking Widget
    • Performance Fix A bug was identified and fixed, which impacted the booking widget performance when a customer had a large number of previous appointments associated with their user (10+).
  • Calendar Interface
    • A graphical bug was introduced, identified and fixed, with the previous release, resulting in appointments which were automatically closed utilizing the auto-close feature did not appear as closed until the page was reloaded.