Build 1.0.38

2-Way SMS, Custom Widget Order and Technical Debt Refactoring

Build 1.0.38 introduced 2-way SMS messaging within the Inbox interface, minor Booking Widget improvements and focus on clearing Technical Debt and Known Issues.

New Features & Feature Updates

  • Inbox Channels
    • 2-Way SMS SMS Messaging has been introduced as the first additional messaging channel to the Inbox. This framework is intended to allow streamlined implementation of other, non-email channels.
  • Booking Widget
    • Custom Order Draggable sort was introduced to a location’s services configuration. This allows the order in which services are presented to a customer within the Booking Widget to be set.

Miscellaneous Updates

  • Client Data
    • Introduced a unified client database between Inbox and Calendar systems.

Bug Fixes

  • Calendar Interface
    • A bug which caused selected Provider focus to be reset upon calendar date changes was identified and fixed.
  • General Interface
    • Addressed image libraries which caused user uploaded logos & branding to be flattened, losing transparency.
  • Appointment Report
    • Addressed an issue which resulted in exported service reports to not properly reflect a client’s appointment service.