Build 1.0.40

Appointment Close Notifications, Appointment Auto-Close and Miscellaneous Fixes

Build 1.0.40 was a minor feature-based release, focused primary on preparing for future feature releases.

New Features & Feature Updates

  • Appointment Completion
    • Appointment Auto-Close A service-based setting was introduced that allows for appointments be closed after a defined time period. This allows a grace period for status adjustments (cancelation, no show, etc) and is limited to services with the “fixed price,” toggle enabled.
    • Appointment Close Notifications Introduced definable notifications that are sent at the time of an appointment being marked completed.

Bug Fixes

  • Calendar Interface
    • Various interface fixes related to the Safari browser in conjunction with a mobile viewport.
    • Addressed a legacy issue in which appointments would occasionally report a -1 length from actual time.