Build 1.0.46

Embedded Widget, Customer & Appointment Filtering and Performance Improvements

Build 1.0.46 was a feature improvement-based release, with minor feature introductions.

New Features & Feature Updates

  • Booking Widget
    • Embedded Launcher Introduction of the embedded widget, allowing the booking widget to be initialized on an external domain/page.
    • Customization Additional customization options introduced which impact the colors and branding associated with both the embedded and standalone widget.
  • Calendar
    • Filtering The ability to filter appointments by customer or appointment type was added to the calendar view. This filter is accessible via all Calendar views (daily, weekly, monthly & agenda).
  • Notifications
    • Introduced location-based notification options, specifically the ability to toggle a location’s primary contact to receive notifications (or a combination thereof) for appointment creations and cancellations.

Bug Fixes

  • Calendar Interface
    • Fixed a socket related issue which was introduced in the previous release, preventing appointment updates from appearing without a page refresh.