Build 1.0.48

Build 1.0.48 was a minor feature improvement-based release, with minor bug fixes.

New Features & Feature Updates

  • Back Office
    • Appointment Closed Action Introduction of follow-up appointment actions, specifically external webhook submission or embedded integrated tasks.
    • Branding Added additional branding and customization options for notifications and the widget.
    • Organization Based Staff Avatar Introduced the ability for an organization to set an Avatar for their staff. This version of the Avatar co-exists with a user’s selected image, however present’s the Organization’s selected image within booking interfaces.
  • Single User Subscription
    • New Role Introduction of a single-provider role to the ecosystem. This user type can attach itself to multiple organizations, with shared availability checking.
  • Inbox
    • Inbox Interface An overhaul of the Inbox interface, introducing productivity improvements and easier mobile navigation.

Bug Fixes

  • Notifications
    • Email Fixed a notification typo in Provider appointment notifications
  • Embedded Widget
    • Reset Button Fixed an issue with the Reset button which would cause the widget to start back at the first step, even if the widget had provided predefined selections.