Build 1.0.56

Build 1.0.56 was a minor feature improvement-based release, with minor bug fixes.

New Features & Feature Updates

  • Back Office
    • Settings Interface Complete overhaul of the Settings area, providing for more structured and intuitive navigation.
    • Customer No-Show Added ability to enable an option which would require users which had a number of no-show appointments, greater than a defined number, to input payment information prior to booking.
  • Calendar Interface
    • Interface Significant overhaul to the desktop and mobile calendar interfaces, introducing additional filtering options and various UX improvements.

Bug Fixes

  • Calendar Interface
    • Mobile Viewport Refactored the calendar’s mobile viewport UI which was causing interface obstructions.
  • Embedded Widget
    • Booking Limitations Fixed an issue in which advanced booking requirements that were greater than 7 days were ignored.