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Managing your schedule shouldn’t be complicated, just because it has all the fun gadgets.

What’s Included:

Multiple Locations Support

Chilled Butter supports multiple locations per business (and even multiple businesses per account!). You can set up schedule, services, and providers available for each of your locations independently, or just use generic settings for all of them.

Get more insights on your clients. Having an understanding of your clients is the foundation of your success. We help make client management easy to keep track of everything you care about.; Make online booking easier for your clients. We’ve dealt with all the same scheduling and communication problems you have.

Flexible Shifts

Schedule can not always be rigid. With Chilled Butter, you can adjust provider's availability and add or remove specific days and hours from the schedule. It is also possible to configure availability for specific services.

Virtual Services

For remote services, we offer virtual appointments with integrated one-on-one video calls. Upon booking a virtual service, a dedicated conference room is created and links are shared with provider and client in notifications and reminders. No additional software setup required - it all works out of the box right in your browser or smartphone.

Schedule Sync

For providers working at multiple locations, or multiple companies, availability time slots are synced between the locations to avoid double booking

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