A smarter way to manage your staff.

Chilled Butter takes collaboration to the next level.

What’s Included:

Flexible Engagement System

Chilled Butter offers multiple ways for businesses and service providers to effectively work together:
- Dedicated full time employment
- Ad-hoc involvement
- Working as an independent at company premises
- Sharing providers between multiple locations
Whatever your business relationships looks like, you will find a way to reflect that with Chilled Butter.

Ownership of Client Database

We know how important it is to have customers attached to the business, and not to individual providers who can come and go. With Chilled Butter, the company that the appointment is booked with always gets ownership of the client contact details and appointments history. The same goes for independent individuals renting a chair - if you change locations, your customers stay with you.

Custom Service Durations

Some services require preparation and can't be books on a short notice. Others required cleanup afterward. We got all of it covered with our flexible settings for pre- and post-appointment buffers system, as well as settings for booking in advance and rescheduling.

Get more insights on your clients. Having an understanding of your clients is the foundation of your success. We help make client management easy to keep track of everything you care about.; Make online booking easier for your clients. We’ve dealt with all the same scheduling and communication problems you have.

No Show Protection

Having a lot of no shows? Either add an online deposit requirement to your services, or enable automated no show protection, that takes a deposit only from violent no-showers upon booking.

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