Reputation Growth

Let positive experiences and customer satisfaction grow your business.

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Customer Insight Automation

Adopt a straightforward strategy for managing customer experiences.

Seek Input

Show your customers that you are seeking their valuable input to continually enhance your services. Their feedback is a testament to your strengths and an invaluable tool to identify areas for improvement.

With Chilled Butter, you can show the world your great qualities while addressing unhappy customers before things get too far, building a better experience for everyone.

Improve Your Standing

Your customers always have something to say about their experience with your business, so let them!

When you close out an appointment, allow customers to share their experience with you and take the opportunity to show the world what there is to love about your business.

Sharing positive reviews is the best way to extend your reach, improve your online standing, and drive more appointments.

Fully Automatic

Like everything Chilled Butter does, growing your reputation is quick, easy, and completely hands-free.

When you close out a service, open the door for customers to communicate their experiences by opting to automatically send post-appointment emails.

The only thing you have to worry about is responding to them when they need help and thanking them for their positive feedback!

Customer Insight Solutions

Improve your business with a simple approach to customer experience management.

Simplify Your Workflow