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Schedule smarter, not harder

Simple But Powerful Online Scheduling Software for Small Business

Chilled Butter automates your day-to-day operations, from online appointment booking to staff management and payment processing. 

Staff Management

Fully customizable staff management with flexible settings for schedule, location, and services provided.

Reputation Management

Review management system that facilitates positive customer reviews, giving you competitive advantage to dominate local search.

Online Booking

A stand-alone booking link, an embedded widget for your existing website, or the ability to connect directly with your Google Business.

What We’re Here For

We’re small business owners, just like you. We’ve dealt with all the same scheduling and communication problems you have. After two decades of trial, error and repeat of nearly every solution available, we created the system focused on service-based businesses. We’re here to provide the anti-enterprise platform, that you COULD use, that you WOULD use to fully bring your business online.

Online Scheduling Software

Some of Our Happy Clients

What It Does

Chilled Butter helps set up and automatize most of your booking, scheduling, notification, and client management processes. No more manual scheduling, handwritten notes, and workload gaps. No more no-shows, double bookings, and upset clients. Once set up, Chilled Butter lets you focus on growing your business and getting those chairs filled.

Is It a Good Fit For My Business?

Chilled Butter is a perfect solution for a barbershop, a hair salon, or a tattoo parlor. It works equally well for any other service-oriented business. Being an actively developed platform, we are consistently adding new features, prioritizing requests from our customers. Often, a short exchange will be enough for us to objectively tell you whether this is a good fit for you.


How Hard It Is to Set Up and Use?

Our saying “we’re here for you,” isn’t just a lip-service, it’s a mantra.  We offer free complimentary concierge onboarding service with 1-on-1 support from a dedicated Chilled Butter technician to all our customers. We take great care for making the app quick and easy to use, and minimizing the amount of clicks and interactions necessary to perform day-to-day activities. Focus on what you love to do, and we take care of all the boring stuff.


How Do I Start?

Schedule a short demo call with us to take a peek at what the fully established platform looks like, and whether it has features necessary to cover your current business needs. We would also advise on how to organize your account and which subscription plan is the most reasonable for you. 
What Our Clients Say

The Chilled Butter team was our partner in bringing our 50 year old barbershop into the modern age. We couldn't have done it without them!

Sorrentino's Barbershop

Over a decade in business and a dozen different appointment applications, Chilled Butter has done exactly what it promised to. It's essential in keeping each of our locations, the staff and our support staff on the same page.

The Honorable Society

Chilled Butter's Virtual Appointment system is a life saver. Self-booking is a breeze, reminders keeping clients accountable. Nearly 30 years in the mortgage industry, my sales funnel has never been so efficient.

Informed Loans

Use Cases


Learn why Chilled Butter is the perfect partner, whether you're looking to take the plunge from a walk-in barbershop or just looking to help fill your chairs.


Whether working as an independent professional or managing a full salon, Chilled Butter can help provide alignment between booking staff, providers, and your customers.


We know just how to bring structure to artistic chaos. Learn how Chilled Butter can help you manage consultations, deposits and customer notes in one, simple interface.

Business Services

With a full suite of automation tools, learn how Chilled Butter can complement your sales channel with self-booking and automated lead follow-up.


Chilled Butter plays nice with mobile services just as well as it does with storefront services. Learn what we can do to help keep you busy providing professional services, not logistic services.


Learn how Chilled Butter can help with your operational heavy lifting, leaving you and your staff free to do the lifting that counts.

Ready to Get Started?

Quick Answers.

We don’t have any setup fees or term contracts when utilizing our service.  A free concierge onboarding is included when signing up – this is where someone from our team sets up your business alongside you.

We’ve focused on giving a top notch experience directly from a web browser, no matter the device you’re on.  The best way for us to do this is focusing on a single platform.  Based on the size of the screen you’re logging in from, your experience is tailored specifically to it, allowing you to see more information when it’s appropriate.

We offer good old-fashioned SMS and email support, 7 days a week.  Screenshare walkthroughs can be scheduled during business hours, Monday through Friday.

Schedule a Demo to speak with someone from our team regarding any questions about our online scheduling software.